11 Amazing Bonuses That Worth $319

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Social Media Marketing Revolution

With this guide you will learn all the tips and tricks for getting traffic on those platforms.

Topics covered:

Social Media Marketing – An Overview
8 Reasons Why SM Marketing is Essential
Manage SM Marketing Campaign Depending on Your Online Business
Steps to Quicker and Easier Modern SM Marketing
And much more!

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

With this ebook you will discover how you can increase your social media presence, create unique content, build a bigger audience, and sell your products and services with ease.

Understanding social media marketing will have numerous benefits, that will be relevant a multitude of aspects of business in the twenty-first century.


Insta Profit Magnet

With this guide you will discover a list of strategies, tools and practices that can assist you building your Instagram business.

Topics covered:

The Best Practices for Building your Instagram Business
Learning To Use Instagram for Business
Striking a Balance b/w Fun Images and Visuals Meant To Promote Your Business
Nurture a Following on Your Instagram
Make Good Use of Debut Videos
Using Instagram Videos on Your Websites or Blogs
and more

Video Marketing

Effective video marketing is all about conversions. The video has to play a role in getting the viewer to whip out their credit card and buy something or click on an ad that pays you or enter their email address or zip code into a form.

Here is what you’ll learn in this guide:

Video Marketing – An Overview
Video Marketing Made Effective
Video Marketing Essentials
Different Types of Video Marketing
Personality-Focused Videos
Marketing Videos on Social Media

Facebook Marketing Unleashed

This training teaches you the best ways to promote on Facebook. It also gives you step by step instructions, so you can engage in Facebook marketing with a higher than average chance of success.

Topics covered:

Facebook Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid
Most Effective Ways to Market on Facebook
What is Facebook Page Marketing?
What is Facebook Group Marketing?
Influencer Page Outreach
Paid Page Boost Campaign
and more

Content Marketing Formula

In this guide you will learn how content marketing works, why it is crucial for your business and how to harness it in a way that completely transforms your success.

You’ll receive a completely content marketing formula that you can adapt to your own brand and that you can use to build immense authority and a huge list of readers

Topics covered:

How Content Marketing Creates Fans and Buyers
How to Write Good – The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post
Types of Content Marketing
Why Your Brand is Crucial for Your Content
And much, much more!

Traffic Beast

The five powerful techniques outlined in this guide are geared toward a single purpose; helping you drive more traffic to your website.

These methods that you will learn are easier than you might have thought initially and will bring you results within a week.

Topics covered:

Content Creation, SEO and Leveraging Analytics
Different Social Media Channels
Link Building
Guest Blogging
Email Marketing
And much more!

Influencer Secrets

In order for you to be an influence master you need to know what influence really is.

Here is what you’ll learn in this guide:

You will learn how to influence others to do what you want
You will learn how people are wired and how they make decisions so that you can influence them
You will be able to build unshakable credibility
You will learn the benefits and importance of influence
You will learn 8 influence and persuasion methods you can use in business

Get Started With Webinar

This book will help you become a passionate and engaging speaker, as well as develop your idea so that you can host the best webinar possible. 

Topics covered:

Pre-Requisites Required to Host a Successful Webinar
Picking a Niche and Selecting Your Topic
Advertising & Promotion
Getting Your Presentation Ready
Handling Queries
Being the Best Presenter
Co-Organizers, Webinar Partners & Staff
Monetizing Your Webinar
And much more!

AI For Entrepreneurs

In this special report you will learn how to successfully build, grow and expand your business using artificial intelligence.

Topics covered:

What AI Can Do for You
How to Incorporate AI into Your Business
How to Get Started Quickly
Taking Your Business to the Next Level with AI
3 Tips to Using AI Successfully

Instagram Guides For Beginners

From this ebook, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the feature, an overview of Instagram Guides, and knowing when to use them.

Here is what you’ll learn:

Basic information about the Instagram platform
What Instagram guides are
How to use Instagram Guides
Knowing whether Instagram Guides are the right post type
A step-by-step method for creating guide
Creating different types of guides
Information about product guides
Information about places guides
Information about posts guides
And so much more!

All these 11 bonuses worth $319 and can be yours today.